Quality European Auto Repair

Swedish Motors was established in 1996  with a focus on providing a much needed quality repair shop offering a personal touch in the Los Angeles area. The experience offered by Swedish Motors ranges from European Factory Trained Master Technicians to ASE Certified Mechanics for all Europeans cars.

The goal of our company was to establish a loyal clientele built on trust, and Swedish Motors has done just that. The environment provided to all customers is that of comfort and complete trust in the honesty of those working on their cars.

We focus our energy and efforts on diagnosing and servicing Volvo, Saab, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Audi, Smart and Mini cars.

Experience Unmatched Auto Repair Services at Swedish Motors

With an extensive experience, extending more than 16 years and an incredible range of auto repair services to offer, Swedish Motors is the perfect place for the most comprehensive and exclusive service and repair of your vehicle. Swedish Motors specializes in a range of automotive services available for an array of vehicles, both local and international, ranging from Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW and Volvo Repair Los Angeles to Audi, Porsche and Land Rover Repair Los Angeles. We strive to offer the most exclusive services to our customers, and take complete care of their comfort and convenience while their vehicle is being repaired or serviced at our shop.

Advanced Auto Repair Solutions

Vehicles of today are much more complex and use advanced technology that makes them far superior than their earlier counterparts. This also implies that advanced machines and equipment are required to diagnose any issues that might be hampering the performance of your vehicle. Swedish Motors has the most advanced equipment and machines to diagnose any present or impending issues in your vehicle and can provide you the best solutions in a timely manner. Repairing these problems on time is crucial to keep you safe on the road and to enhance the life span and value of your vehicle.

Wide-Ranging Services

You can completely rely on our expert services, fully trained and proficient in handling all types of vehicle repair and servicing needs, from regular oil change and alignment to repairing the most critical issues. We incorporate the most advanced and sophisticated tools and machines to diagnose and rectify any issues that your vehicle may be experiencing. Accommodating the needs of each and every client and offering highly effective services for BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Land Rover and Porsche Repair Los Angeles, we make sure that it becomes a completely hassle free experience for you. At Swedish Motors, it is our utmost endeavor to repair and service your vehicle in the most time-bound and cost-effective manner, so that you can enjoy the same uninterrupted driving experience as always.

Competent Workforce

Swedish Motors employs the most skilled, well trained and competent technicians who have incredible experience in handling vehicles of all types, models and makes. Constant training ensures that our workforce is well aware of the constantly changing trends and technology in vehicles. Fully trained and proficient technicians and mechanics do their best to diagnose the underlying problem and ensure long lasting solutions for all minor and major services for your BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Saab Repair Los Angeles.

We take pride in being the leaders in our industry and offering the most advanced services that are high in reliability and quality. Owing to our years of exceptional service, we have been able to establish a reputation among our extensive list of clients, based on trust and the reliable services that we offer each time. We have the caliber, skills and workforce, to deal with the most complicated issues in today’s vehicles and provide you the most reliable Volvo, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW Repair in Los Angeles.

Allow Swedish Motors to provide you the most advanced and credible auto repair services and enhance your driving experience!